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Usage scenarios

How does Pico fit into your project?

Optimal use cases for Pico based on your CSS expertise and project type.

Project typeCSS expertisePico’s fitExamples
Pure HTML pagesLowHighDocumentation, code snippets, minimalist bios
Simple landing pagesLowHighSingle-page web apps (SPAs), event pages, product pages, resumes
Minimal websitesLowHighPersonal blogs, simple static sites
Form funnelsLowMediumContact forms, surveys, sign-up pages
Small web projectsLow/MediumMediumSmall business websites, portfolios, and personal websites
Marketing and products landing pagesMediumMediumMarketing pages with complex animations or interactive elements, product demos
Medium web projectsMedium/HighMediumE-commerce websites and large corporate websites
Large-scale projects with many componentsHighLowSASS products, web applications with complex data models, enterprise software